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Report on Nutrition Deficiency

This report is a detailed analysis of MALNUTRITION and problems associated with it and how the Kitchen garden can act as an effective measure to rescue from this global malady. Along with statistics of WHO and GLOBAL HUNGER INDEX, a special emphasis has been laid down on INDIA giving a breakdown of the root causes of malnutrition and its impacts on the Indian population.

This report discusses various initiatives taken by the Government of India to control malnutrition and the emerging role of various Nongovernmental groups and organizations. Besides this, a description of initiatives taken by some important NGOs and their work is also taken into account, as NGOs are coming up with various innovative programs to resolve this concern at the regional level.

Additionally, this report talks about the "The concept of Kitchen Garden" as a remedy to control malnutrition. The core idea of the kitchen garden with its significance and future scope. In what ways kitchen gardens can be an inexpensive, yet impactful way to tackle malnutrition in India. The simple ways to use and build it. The other benefits of the kitchen garden and its positive impact on implementing in rural areas of India have also briefed along with some prominent examples. It concludes on this note how kitchen gardens can be regarded as a trusted remedy to curb malnutrition in a densely populated country like INDIA.

The report is written by Sarah Ahmad, a student of Delhi University.

Report on Nutrition Deficiency
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